In the latest release of Defence Headquarters, Major General John Enenche said a total of 603 repentant Boko Haram fighters are set to be reintegrated into their communities in July having completed the Deradicalisation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DRR) programme.

The DHQ spokesperson made this announcement during a media briefing on the operations of the Armed Forces of Nigeria on Thursday, June 11, 2020. 

The military also mentioned that it has successfully reintegrated 280 former Boko Haram terrorists, including 2 Chadians, back into the society through their respective national and state authorities.

Director of Defence Media Organization (DMO) Major General John Enenche boasted that “The Operation is a success story as feedbacks from those reintegrated are positive. He highlighted a particular case of a re-integrated former Boko haram terrorist who is now a barber in Bama. He said the ex-terrorist who is happily married with kids has successfully empowered four local in the community. counter the BHT ideology.

The Deradicalisation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DRR) programme code-named operation safe corridor was established in 2016, has admitted a total of 893 ex Boko Haram fighters.

If Boko Haram can be integrated back into the community without getting the justice they deserve, don’t you think people with a lesser crime in the prison should be free as well? Just my thought anyway.


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