Bilikis, Ademola

A Nigerian lady, Bilikis Erinle, has claimed that her kids and some of her properties were forcefully taken away from her by thugs allegedly sponsored by her husband , Ademola Adeshina.

The popular Youtuber , @bilikis _ signature , narrated that the incident happened on Tuesday , January 26 , in front of her kids’ school , Spring of Life , Lakowe, Lagos State.

According to her, some of her properties taken away are phones , laptops , and a car.

Apart from her properties that were taken away , the YouTuber with over 33 ,000 followers on Instagram said over 200 videos were deleted from her YouTube account.

While expressing concern over the safety of her children , @bilikis _ signature lamented that she was not allowed to make a phone call or record the attack.

However, attempts to reach Ademola Adeshina for his side of the story proved abortive. He neither picked his phone calls nor responded to a text message forwarded to him.

In a video on her Instagram page , Bilikis said , “ I just had to come out because my kids were taken away and the car was taken forcefully . I need your help .

“On Tuesday morning , while I was dropping my kids in their school, I was attacked . The proprietress of the school and the headteacher, Mr Seun , had to come out . I was being attacked by the touts when the father of my children surfaced with his mother , sister , brother , and cousin to take my kids forcefully.

“When he came , the first thing he was telling them was that they should not allow me to make any call or video. He was attacking me , which is why I left him in the first place . He attacked me and took my laptop and everything away . Even a stranger that came to drop her kids wondered why he could do that to the mother of his kids.”

Bilikis wondered why her husband took the kids forcefully , noting that she had “ reported to the right authorities.

She added , “ I could imagine how traumatised my children are right now . Taking them forcefully from me when it is not as if I denied you access to them . Even if I don ’t allow you to have access to them , you should go about it the right way. All you needed to do was to involve human rights organisations or the police . They will invite and question me , then they look at how we can settle this .

“I had told you that when you come let us look at how we can settle this . But you came from Kuwait to forcefully abduct my children – something you cannot do where you came from . Right now , I don ’t know where my kids are.

“Not only that, he took my phone and deleted all my videos -208 videos – knowing that this is my main source of income . We were about to celebrate 300 ,000 subscribers on YouTube . The income coming from there is what I use to pay the school fees of your children . I have the receipts with me.

“ This is a man that for two years was receiving my YouTube earnings . I am a hardworking person . You have been violent and I kept enduring for the sake of the children. For how long will I continue to endure this?

“Ee both have rights . We should both have access to the kids . I cannot imagine what will be in the memory of the children . When my parents called his parents to intervene , they said it was a wrong number . On a normal day , the kids are scared of him .”

When contacted, Ademola ’ s mum and father did not pick calls put across to their telephone lines , neither did they respond to text messages.

Source – PUNCH


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