Makayla Malaka

Music sensation, Makayla Malaka popularly known as Makayla is an amazing eight years old who is continuously proving that there is no age limit when it comes to making good music.

Ever since she released her first ever single, “Just Dance”, at the age of 7, Makayla has continuously delivered great content. Her debut album ‘Eight’ was released on her 8th birthday in June 2020 and included many great tunes including her hit track ‘Grandma Told Me’ which fellow child stars Emmanuella and Aunty Success raved about on social media.

Makayla has once again not disappointed her fans as she has just released a fresh single titled ‘Don’t Give Up’ which is set to take the airwaves by storm. The strength of her vocals and message in her lyrics are just some of the reasons it is safe to say that this budding talent is indeed here to stay.

Makayla plans to release her sophomore album later in June this year, on her 9th birthday and we are convinced that it will definitely be packed with great content.

Talents like Makayla’s are a great encouragement that there is indeed a bright future for the Nigerian music scene. Check out her new single Don’t Give Up’ on all music streaming platforms.

[Vanguard News]


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