As you are fingering your girl and bringing her to orgasm, you absolutely must seek her feedback. It’s the only way to truly know if you’re pleasing and satisfying her and not causing her any discomfort.  It’s the key ingredient to being the best she’s ever had.

Start by rubbing her clit in upward and downward motion gently. Nice and slow so that you don’t make her clit sore already.

Lightly press your finger into her vagina in and out.

Now move tom another angle and rub gently.

If you ever feel your finger drying out, then just return to her Pekus to get more lubrication or use external lube.

Now start stroking from the bottom of her vagina to her clit.

While performing all this magic ensure your hands are busy up there caressing her boobs while you also kiss her thighs from one leg to the other.

Yes boy go on, it’s a multitasking something

Now you need to top up your work by using your four fingers.

All you will be doing is rubbing your four fingers over her clit, labia, and vagina in a circular motion.

Don’t use the A-Z method to play with her her clit. It can make you spend less time in the most pleasurable area.

Now you’ve to shuffle the above steps on her BUT this time you’ve to increase the speed

While on your shuffle mood, try and locate the area just above her urethra and to the sides of it and rub it with your wet fingers.

Extending your finger up to her clit as you stroke will help to increase the amount of pleasurable stimulation she receives

You will stroke her at a V angle. Just as if you’re using your finger to clean something.

Just like your penis, her clit becomes erect when aroused

So now you can proceed into her soaked hood and labias

Now you’re going to move into something furious

Get your partner to lie down on her back with her legs spread open and she needs to get relaxed.

Then you need to get into a comfortable position sitting down to her right side with your left leg bent and over her stomach and your right leg under her right leg.

You then need to start stroking the upper left quadrant of her clit with just one lubricated finger very slowly and lightly.

Your touch should be as light as possible.

You’re going to move your finger a few millimeters back and forth making sure to apply only the slightest amount of pressure to her clit.

So now just Clip hold on her clit by just placing your thumb and index finger on either side of her clit.

Then GENTLY press down and inwards so that you are ‘squeezing’ the base of her clit between the folds of skin surrounding it.

Do not squeeze the exposed part of her clit; this will hurt her!

Start off with very gentle pressure and see how she reacts. Then increase or decrease the amount of pressure you use based on her feedback.

This can bring her close to orgasm without her climaxing, which makes for great foreplay

Then deep your fingers (2 is enough) into her Pekus depending on how wide the circumference is.


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