All states have more than one breath taking tourist attractions. These include the Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State, Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross Rivers, the Sukur Cultural Landscape in Adamawa and the Sacred Grove in Osun State. Have you visited any? Kindly tell us.

Do you know there are still many untapped tourist paradises waiting to be discovered? Here are five unknown yet beautiful places to visit in Nigeria:

Ado-Awaye Lake,

There are only two suspended lakes in the world. One in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado, USA and the second right here in Africa, Oyo State in Nigeria to be exact. This natural beauty is the Ado Awaye Suspended Lake. It is a body of stagnant water located on the mountains. So many folktales surround the origin of this lake.

Azumini Blue River

Australians have the Pink Lake, Nigerians have the Blue River in a quiet village in Azumini, Abia State. Aptly named, the river has blue water so clear that you can see the colourful stones at the bottom and count the fishes from the surface.

Ogba Ukwu Caves, Anambra State

This is another great natural wonder. It is tucked away in the Owerre Ezukala community in Southeast Nigeria. It is considered the largest cave in West Africa, taking about two hours to explore. There’s the belief that the large area at its centre is the living room of the god of Owerre-Ezukala.

Owu water fall

 Located in Owu Isin in Isin local government of Kwara state. Owu fall is the highest water fall in west Africa with 120 m above sea level and cascades 330 feet down an encarpment to a pool of ice-cold water.

Subgo Eredo- Ogun state

This lost city of Yoruba is home to the largest known ancient man-made structure south of sahara. The construction required more man hour and earth movement than the largest of Egypt’s pyramid of Giza. Sugbo eredo is a 160Km system of walls and ditches essentially as a protective barrier encircling the ancient Ijebu land- from Epe to Odogbolu, Ijebu ode,Ijebu Mushin. The walls were said to be built between 800-1000AD.

Tell us where you have visited?


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