Lasgidi, “no man’s land” as popularly called is a place where a homeless hustler can become a house owner and traffic hawker can turn to a business owner in a matter of years.

For you to make it in this bubbling city of excellence, you have to be hardworking and do the following

1.Dont be Sluggish – Lasgidi is always on the move and you must follow suit. From entering bus to walking amidst crowd you must be agile and super active. It won’t take Oshodi boys a minute to steal everything on you. Lagos is not for Suegbe. Shine your eyes.

2.Don’t Follow Trend – Lagos is arguably the fashion hub of the continent. So, if you want to take money home don’t follow new trend. New cars, phones, bags, shoes, etc. comes out every day and many rich Lagosians can afford it as e dey hot. If you are not among this elite “Big boys & girls” please swallow your broke pride and use what you can afford.

3.Be careful of Clubbing – From Quilox to Cubana, Lagos boast of many luxury nightlife destinations. Most of these clubs are frequented by celebs and are no cheap. A bottle of drink there is someone else’s yearly income. My man, find one cheap club in Okoko if you must club.

4.Entertainment show – Lagos and entertainment is Siamese twins. There are shows every day spanning comedy, musical concert, movie premiere, white parties, beach patties etc. Be selective in the ones to go.

5. Olosho – This is strictly for guys.  Oga, be sensible how you carry Olosho. They are everywhere in Lagos in different sizes and shapes. Price is not the problem here because you will definitely see the one that fit your budget. Just don’t get addicted.


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