Have you ever wondered why meat is the first thing to finish in an Owambe party?

The Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing has deny many of partying as they normally do. Many plans, weddings and turn up events were postponed indefinitely even though some did their wedding on zoom app; who thought this could ever happen? The one that hit the party rockers association the most is obviously the party jollof rice. There is this peculiar taste of jollof rice that can only be gotten in the one served at parties. Especially the one cooked by firewood. I don’t know if you ever noticed.

In case you don’t know, nobody enjoys hosting big parties like the Southwesterners. Aroma of the Jollof rice alongside big meat, efo riro with plenty orisirisi inside, matching outfits, the ever-melodious life bands etc are typical characteristics of Owambe. An occasion where men’s flowing agbadas struggles for recognition among the well-dressed women with their satellite-like head gear, the Yoruba demons and slay mamas are not left out as they want to feature fashion blogs and magazines.

Me, I’m already planning on how to attend 10 Owambe in a day when the ban on social gathering is lifted.

Do you miss party? What do you miss?


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