It was a beautiful evening in the garden city of Portharcourt when I decided to check up on a family friend staying at Trans Amadi for the first time. As I entered their compound, I saw a big dog at the gate. I shiver! I would not have entered if I knew they had aa dog. My fear for dog no be here. As God will catch me, the dog is not chained.

It ran towards me and one guy in the house was telling me not to run that he doesn’t bite. In my mind, I kept thinking if the guy was a dog in his former life to understand what was on the dog’s mind.

I summon courage just increased my pace. Before I took 5 steps the dog was at my back.

 Fiam, I started running, I couldn’t take the risk.

He kept shouting don’t run it won’t attack you. Iffa hear.

Who will see a big dog running towards his direction and will wait?

To cut the long story short, the dog caught me and torn my trousers before he was sent to the cage.

 If I had run in the first instance, I would probably be in the house before the dog will get to me.

Moral of the story: Trust your instinct


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