Over the years there have been all kinds of challenge that connects people across the world begins to trend on social media especially Twitter and Instagram. Below are the top 5 in recent times 

1. The FaceApp Challenge

The challenge began after an app that predicts how a person would change as they grow was created. The app, known as faceapp, uses the photo of a person, male or female, to show different stages of life. However, many people that joined the challenge are more concerned about the old age look than others. 

2.#Don’t Rush Challenge

Arguably the most popular challenge in Nigeria. People use a song titled “don’t rush” the tune by Young T & Bugsey featuring Headie One to make a transition video from looking regular in-house clothes to looking glowed up in fancy dresses through the stroke of magic wands, in form of makeup brushes passed from persons to persons in sync. #DonRushChallenge reportedly emerged from a video of TikTok user @fayyebae and a lineup of her hot red team.


A spin-off challenge to #DonRushChallenge, which is the male or brotherhood version spearheaded by Nigerian rapper Falz, and used his latest single: Bop Daddy ft. Ms Banks, as the underground tune. The #BopDaddyChallenge showcases a lineup of fashionistas and a “fine league” of gentlemen.

4. #10YearChallenge

#10YearChallenge is the most popular trends in 2019. Participants simply post two images – usually side by side – which were taken at least ten years apart. The challenge experienced several waves throughout the year. The challenge picked up speed on Instagram and Twitter with thousands of people, including plenty of celebrities, taking part. 

5. #Something new Challenge

This challenge is a case of the more the merrier; the more diverse the more entertaining, thanks to the lockdown. Group or family just do a particular dance routine to the rhythm of the song titled “something new” by Wiz Khalifa feat Ty Dolla Sign, and accompanied with alternate elbow shifts to the left and right, a jerky arm Harlem Shake and a clap at the end before exiting the frame for the next in line. Nigerian Billionaire and Chairman of UBA, Tony Elumelu and his family won a lot of people’s heart with his challenge.


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