My name is Mr Anon and I work with a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria.

One day at work a contractor promised the minister that he would give him a handsome bribe if a major contract was approved for him. That’s the way things work in every part of this country I suppose. You have to wet the floor to walk on a cold ground.


Believing him, the minister wrote on his file “Approved “

But after two days, the bribe money was still not paid and the honourable minister felt very aggrieved.

As a smart guy, the office boy told him he can cancel the contract and won’t have any effect on the file.

I will bring the file & you can write “Not” before the “Approved”.

So now it became “Not Approved”.

Three days later the contractor regain his sense and credited the minister as agreed earlier.

The Minister was worried as to what to do next. The office boy again came to the rescue, brought the file back and said, “Write “e” after “Not” Sir.

So it now read  

“Note; Approved”.

Minister was happy & Contractor was happy.

So now who is running 

the government? Is the office boy corrupt or just doing his job?


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