Guy, when you are not reaching that pleasing depth, chances are that your girl might cheat on you with your well-endowed friend or dump you because you’re just not satisfying her. The average erect penis size in Nigeria is 5.67 inches long (~14.4cm) and the average girth is 4.59 inches (~11. 7 cm) for an erect penis. Well If you do have a smaller Gbola, then you need to be more creative and knowledgeable when it comes to the oza room.

There are tons of things you can do to please a woman but giving her good knacks will always top the list. Now let’s talk about sex positions that can complement your cassava size as well as maximize the amount of pleasure your lady will experience.

With these positions, you can really get deep inside her pussy, with a strong possibility of hitting her g-spot and make her climax at all times. Once you master these moves and tips, I bet she’ll be dragging you upstairs to bed.


• You stand on the floor at the end of the bed

• Now allow her to lie on her back facing you, with her legs up in the air and over your shoulders

• Oya now place your both hands on her butt (near the small of her back), lifting her pelvis up off the bed. You can stuff a pillow underneath her yansh when your hand gets tired.

Now Baby boy, pounce that pussy to her satisfaction.


• Have your babe get on her knees

• Get on your knees, behind her

• Make sure her legs are closed (as close together as possible) and in-between yours

• Oga now thrust as you would do with the normal doggy position

Don’t forget to reach around and caress those brezz press while you pounce her pussy from behind


• She needs to be on her back, with both legs up in the air in a criss-cross shape

• You get to be on your knees facing her

• Now place your hands on top of her hips

• Then penetrate her and push upwards with your hips so her butt lifts off the bed

It’s very easy on a bed, just thrusting and balance involved.

The bottom line is that you must master these sex positions and use the tips provided. They are designed to enhance her experience and make her call you Zaddy. Give each of the positions a try and see what works best for you. I am not telling you to kill someone’s daughter o. lol


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